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Medicating Your Pet: One of Life's Daily Struggles Medication time is among the least favorite time we spend with our beloved pets, and you can be sure your pet feels the same way.

For example, problems can occur when precise dosing for your pet cannot be determined as a result of the manufacturer’s limited range of strengths available. Another example is the possibility of your pet having difficulty swallowing due to the size of a tablet or if that drug is not available commercially.

Veterinary Compounding: Designed to reduce the stress of medicating your pet

Kingswood Compounding Pharmacy veterinary medicine compounding offers an alternative and easy way to medicate your pet. Our custom veterinary medication compounding allows you to control the exact amount and dosage your pet needs in a form that suits the needs of you and your pet.

We can provide your dog’s medication in the form of a tasty, custom-flavored liquid, reducing the need to hide the medicine in treats. These can include:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Liver and
  • Fish

Feline medications typically involve topical preparations that can be rubbed into the membranes of the ear. Additionally, we can prepare flavored suspensions that help ensure oral consumption such as our fish and tuna flavoured emulsions

Veterinary Preparations at Kingswood Compounding Pharmacy: The easy way to Medicate Your Pet

The team at Kingswood Compounding Pharmacy  looks forward to solving your pet medication dilemmas you face on a daily basis. Ask your veterinarian if compounding medication is the right solution for your pet.

Custom Compounding Medicine For Your Pets

Our beloved pets are an extension of the family, bringing a smile to our faces everyday. Our Kingswood compounding chemist specialises in custom medicinal solutions for animals of all shapes and sizes. Just like humans, our pets get sick from time to time and require the same level of medical attention as we do. Our experienced team of pharmacists will ensure your pet is given the right type of medicine with adequate dosage control to enable a quick recovery. We always consider what is best suited to their body, temperament and breed. No matter how challenging the situation, our goal is to understand your pets’ needs thoroughly to help them continue living their best life.

Treating Your Pets With The Utmost Care

As a leading Sydney compounding chemist, we have an in-depth understanding of veterinary compounding medications to assist with your pets concerns. We provide a range of high quality solutions to treat conditions such as:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Lick Granulomas

 Veterinary Compounding Australia

At Kingswood Compounding Pharmacy, we have made it our mission to create the best possible custom medicine for your pets. Over the years, we have found that problems often associated with giving animals medication usually comes down to taste and dose form. If your beloved pooch or feline doesn’t like the taste of a particular liquid or tablet, it can be very difficult to administer it to them. To counteract this problem, we are able to mask the taste for dogs by using flavours such as liver oil, fish oil or even peanut butter.

Giving cats oral medication can also be difficult; therefore we may need to compound the medicine into a transdermal cream that is applied to the inner ear, make life a little easier for both you and your feline.

***Please be aware that all veterinary compounded medications require a prescription from your local veterinarian before it can be successfully processed.

Our Kingswood pharmacy provides high quality veterinary compounding medicine in NSW, Australia.  Get in touch today on (02) 4721 2752 or feel free to FAX all prescriptions to (02) 4721 2312 for immediate attention. We also offer delivery solutions Australia wide.