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Eryacne Gel Australia

High Quality Pharmaceutical Compounding - Australia

Situated in Western Sydney, our Kingswood compounding pharmacy is a leader in custom made medicines and replacement formulations for a wide range of products including the discontinued brand Eryacne Gel within Australia. As well as sourcing the necessary raw ingredients to compound these medications, we make sure everything we use in our products is rigorously quality tested to match the original medicine.

We understand it can be a little frustrating when your regular medication becomes discontinued. Whether it’s because of safety issues, not enough sales or even manufacturing concerns, it adds unnecessary stress to your day. That’s where we come into the picture. Our experienced team of compounding pharmacists can help you continue with your medications during times of drug shortage or discontinuation; helping you continue on with your regular doses of medicine without having to change over completely.

Eryacne Gel Australia

Eryacne Gel 2% is also known as Erythromycin and is currently discontinued in Australia.  As a result, we are able to offer custom-compounding solutions at our Kingswood chemist to ensure this product is still readily available to meet your requirements.

If you’re currently suffering from teenage acne or pimples, we can custom make a solution that is identical to the Eryacne Gel brand. Whether you’re highly dependent on the product for results or simply for maintenance reasons, Kingswood Compounding Pharmacy can assist with your on-going needs.

Your Local Compounding Chemist – Eryacne Gel

Our Sydney compounding pharmacy is here to help make your life easier. When certain medications become redundant, it’s good to know that GP’s are prescribing patients with customised medications to help meet the health needs of each individual. We offer ‘ready made’ medications as well as customised medicines to replace discontinued supplies. We are currently compounding Eryacne Gel 2% (Erythromycin) to help with existing Australian shortages. Other products also include Bactroban Ointment and Cream (Mupirocin), Ovestin (oestriol) and Tofranil (imipramine).

Our Kingswood compounding chemist provides affordable Eryacne gel alternatives in Australia.  Contact us today on (02) 4721 2752 to discuss all your health concerns and see how we can help formulate Eryacne Gel and other products to suit your needs.